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We will be happy to advise you,
we will repair competently

Got a broken bike? Not braking? Does it oversteer badly? Missing a wheel? Routine seasonal maintenance? Broken crank? Or whatever it is you can’t quite put your finger on, but you don’t know what? Swish Service is right here for you! Our experienced and trained service technicians will not shy away from any challenge! If you know exactly what you need – say what – we’ll fix it, we’ll replace it! If you know something on your bike is out of tune, but you don’t know what – it doesn’t matter! We’ll test, we’ll test, we’ll diagnose – we’ll fix it!

Swish Service is just like the Swishing Shuhaji. Reliable, quality and most importantly fast!


Services and
price list

  • Great Service:80€

    Disassembly +assembly of wheels, forks, cranks, chain, cassette, derailleur, derailleur, centre assembly; disassembly +cleaning +checking of centre assembly, head assembly; wheel hub inspection, cleaning of gears - chain, cassette, cranks, derailleur, derailleur; replacement of worn parts; cleaning of brake/shifter wiring; replacement as needed; wheel centering, spokes replacement as needed; complete bike, shifter and brake setup.

    -hydraulic brake bleeding is not included
  • Small Service:35€

    Inspection and tightening of all bolts and connections of the bicycle; mounting/dismounting of wheels; adjustment of wheel hub clearance, centre and head assembly; complete adjustment of shifting and brakes; lubrication of chain, derailleur, derailleur; inspection/adjustment of derailleur bead; inflation of fork and shock absorber, diagnosis of any other defects.

    -hydraulic brake bleeding is not included
  • Diagnostics:15€

    Inspection of moving parts, visual inspection, chain measurement, advice on how to take care of your bike, or lubrication of the chain and tire inflation) - if you have your bike repaired by us, we will deduct the amount from the final price of the repair (e.g. for a small service you will pay only 20€ after the diagnosis).

    Express service within 24h: 100% surcharge to the price list*

    * valid in case we have all necessary spare parts in stock

    All service operations are included in the price 35€/h.

    You can find the average time and price of individual tasks here: BICYCLE SERVICE PRICE LIST

    We reserve the right not to accept a very dirty or muddy bike. Cleaning fee 15€.

Where do we
can you find us?

You can visit us in person even without an appointment. If you have any questions about service, call or email us.


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